Robotic Markets

Robotic Systems create a multiple-demand on connectors and cable systems to be small, rugged and flexible. They must fit into unimaginable spaces and configurations while offering both signal and current sources for miniature servos and motors. In addition ultra-miniature sensors and transducers must be communicated to the control circuitry within this unique electronic environment. Fortunately, a few power lines can handle higher current source requirements but leaving the remaining demand for many, many low level signal and feedback lines for robotic element maneuvering and control.


Omnetics’ micro and nano-connectors have matured along with the robotic industries. As Military and Space technologies have proven; “Man can remotely control or pre-program equipment to serve his environment.” The connector in the upper right corner has been designed for a NASA application needing 4 lines of 3 amp supply with 2 ground return lines and has room for 25 control signal lines that run in the milliamp range. These and other customized nano and micro connectors require very small space and are very low weight.

Robotic Surgical systems have developed rapidly and with SAGES, (Society of American Gastrointestinal Endoscopic Surgeons) pushed into the mainstream of the medical industry. These robotic tools, offer remote operations, assist in the more delicate tissue and vessel repairs, control lasers, and can help protect the surgeon from contamination when necessary.

With these systems, tool and head replacement requires simple mate-demate connections to some elements. Nicely fitting connectors for this industry include the flat-strip style with micro-latching capability or Omnetics new plastic circular with its micro-latch system.

Strip Connectors

Omnetics Micro & Nano Strip Connectors

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Nano-D Connectors

Omnetics Nano-D / Bi-Lobe® connectors are now available with a quick latch system. These latches require no tools and offer great ease in handling.

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