Material Outgassing Data

Being dedicated to the design and manufacture of quality micro-miniature and nano-miniature connectors. Omnetics Connector Corporation has chosen the highest quality materials, not only for their excellent electrical characteristics, but also for their low outgassing properties. Listed below are the outgassing values of our standard materials.

Materials %TML %CVCM %WVR
Epoxy Standard Epoxy 0.80 0.01 0.37
Epoxy High Temperature Epoxy 0.24 0.02 0.08
Ink White Epoxy Ink 0.64 0.01 0.42
Ink Black Epoxy Ink 0.74 0.01 0.54
Body LCP 0.04 0.02 0.03
Body PPS 0.05 0.00 0.01

TML = Total Mass Loss
CVCM = Collected Volatile Condensable Materials
WVR = Water Vapor Regained
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