Omnetics Process Capabilities

Verify Omnetics Process Capabilities



  • Inline Connectors, Housings
  • Probes & Handles
  • Medical Instruments
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Vapor Reflow Soldering

  • Connector to Boards
  • Connector to slot
  • Custom Product and Processes
Flex to Connector Assemblies

Flex to Connector Assemblies

  • Rigid to flex Circuit Interconnections
  • Connector to Flex, Circuit or Connector
  • Silicone-Soft Flex Strength
  • High Density to Std. Density Interconnections
  • Full Custom Interconnection Systems
  • Methods to save Money and Time with Flex/Connect
Complete Testing and Data Logging

Complete Testing and Data Logging

  • Complete Open/Shorts Testing
  • High Pot
  • Electrical Sequence Tests
  • Full Group "A" and Group "B"
  • Custom Tests as Directed
Space Technology Connectors

Rugged, Reliable, Low-outgassing.Application includes space robotics, satellite camera electronics, special sensor cable systems and much more.

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